Product Security

Security features that protect B2C and B2B products.


Protecting Purchased Goods

After products have been designed and developed, there remains a risk of diversion or fraud. We use the newest methods to integrate physical and data-driven systems into security features that prohibit unwanted tampering, theft, or counterfeiting.

We work with our clients to design bespoke solutions that assure consumers of a product’s authenticity.

Product Security - Blockchain

Blockchain Track & Trace Solutions

With globalized distribution of products and greater interconnectedness of supply chains, it’s important now more than ever to have eyes on all movements. Tracking and tracing impacts everything from the beginning of manufacturing to customer satisfaction.

Networks of Secure Data
Our team is relentless in creating better products for our clients. Blockchain technologies have opened up a world of possibilities and we have harnessed the potential to provide secure transparency, as well as closed-ledger options. We work closely with our clients to provide bespoke solutions for unique needs and systems.

All Product Security Services

Product Security - Brand

Brand Protection Labels

With counterfeiting posing a constant risk, labels are printed with the latest technology that will protect the integrity of a brand and its products.

Product Security - Certificate

Certificates of Authenticity

Printed pieces of authentication hold great value to institutions and individuals, and they are designed and printed to standard or bespoke security requirements.

Product Security - Blockchain Track & Trace

Blockchain Track & Trace Solutions

Transactions and supply chain information are designed to be accessed in ways that contribute to enhanced transparency for global activities.

Product Security - RFID 2

RFID & NFC Labels

For track and trace purposes, printed labels are designed to ensure product security during transit and delivery.

Product Security - NFC

RFID & NFC Solutions

Integrated high-quality, radio-wave detection features provide information access to only designated entities—protecting data when needed.

Innovative Craftsmanship in Product Security

After decades of security printing, we have mastered the craft of creating highly protected products for our global clients. With techniques like track and trace technology, we craft the finest features that protect B2B and B2C products at all stages of delivery.

Product Security - RFID

RFID & NFC Labels and Solutions

Using radio waves to keep track of supply chains and authenticate products is not new. But our team of specialists have innovated the technology to offer even more solutions and greater security. With commerce reaching all corners of the globe, secure tracking systems are essential.

Authenticity and Verification Systems
We work with our clients to craft the right solutions that work within their established systems—resulting in seamless integration. Our world-class machinery is run and maintained by highly-trained technicians that ensure the quality of every product we create.

BCA Printing Techniques for Financial Documents

Our printing techniques have been developed over decades and meet the highest standards.


Forensic Security Features

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Semi-Covert Security Features

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Complex Lens Arrays

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Track & Trace Technology

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