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Our Promise

After decades of experience in the secure printing industry, we’ve come to understand our clients’ need for ruthless perfection. It’s our unrelenting diligence that allows us to produce the highest quality products while also forging new paths into future techniques and technologies. BCA’s ambition to innovate is only matched by our very own clients.

The industries we serve rely on the highest levels of security



Governments rely on the authenticity of documents that hold information about citizens, currencies, and traded goods.


Financial Instutitions

While currencies and documents change hands around the world, it’s important to maintain authenticity and protect against counterfeit and theft.

National Registry-new

Identity Security

Protecting citizens’ personal identities is essential to both individuals and each of the institutions that integrate into the fabric of society.


Consumer Brands

Companies that invest in the research and development of products need to protect against fraudulent and counterfeiting activities.

Guided by our Innovative Craftsmanship

Over decades of leading the printing industry, our team has developed a meticulous attention to detail and an exquisite sense of craftsmanship that has stood the test of time. But our team is never simply satisfied. We are restless—always innovating to develop new techniques that adapt to the ever-changing context of security.

Our Products

We serve clients and industries around the world.

Border Protection Identification-new

Border Protection Identification

National Identity Documents-new

National Registry

Brand Protection-new

Brand Protection


Blockchain Track & Trace Solutions

Postage Stamps-new

Postage Stamps

Excise Tax Stamps-new

Excise Tax Stamps

Identification Cards-new

Identification Cards


National Identity Documents

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