Federal Stamps

Postage and tax stamps for global governments.

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Innovating Printed Stamps

Since the time our team first formed in 1979, we have been printing stamps using the most advanced technology and techniques. Our tax and postage stamps are designed for postal authorities around the world and maintain the high level of security we integrate into all of our products.

Tax & Revenue Stamps

Governments rely on tax stamps to collect taxes and fees through a system that incorporates businesses and products sold to consumers.

Perfection Through History
These relatively small products must be embedded with secure features to prevent counterfeiting and fraud. Our deep-rooted history of printing stamps has earned us a reputation of producing the highest quality products.

We also continuously improve our printing technologies to bring the most innovative and secure solutions to our clients. Our capabilities allow us to craft stamps for governments around the world.

Postage Stamps

Postage stamps are a celebration of culture and nations, and we produce them with creative and technologically advanced processes.

Our Historical Capabilities
Our printing expertise dates back to our first multi-print project bid in 1979, and we are proud to continue our exploration of new technologies while maintaining our careful craft and knowledge.

Our printing capabilities are expertly curated to adhere to any postal authority regulations. We work directly with clients to design and produce both government-standard and limited-edition stamps. We aim to leverage the relatively small object to make a big statement.

Innovative Craftsmanship in Federal Stamps

After decades of security printing, we have mastered the creation of highly protected products for our global clients. With techniques like Intaglio printing and secure serialization, we craft the finest features that delicately-produced stamps require for global usage.

BCA Printing Techniques for Financial Documents

Our printing techniques have been developed over decades and meet the highest standards.


Intaglio Printing

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Optically Variable Inks

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Semi-Covert Security Features

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Forensic Security Features

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