Identity Security

Protecting the identity and information of citizens around the world.

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Our Approach to Serving Identity Security

Secure identities allow people to cross borders, build a financial history, and partake in institutional activities. A citizen’s identity is essential when participating in social and governmental systems.

We understand the consequences of insecure identities and use the highest levels of technology to protect the people we serve.

Products for Identity Security

The security measures integrated into our products are world-class and indispensable.


Security Paper

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Identification Cards

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Passports & Travel Documents

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Innovative Craftsmanship in Identity Security

With the high level of security instilled into each of our products, confidence in identity security can be strengthened.

Our team of highly-trained specialists focus on every detail to ensure that the authenticity of identification documents not only meets our client’s expectations, but exceeds them. Our industry-leading technology is designed to combat fraud and our craftsmanship is second to none.

Featured Printing Techniques for Identity Security Products


Optically Variable Inks

Our OVI™ technology is a unique security ink used in in our Intaglio printing processes that creates a print that shifts color when tilted toward a light source.


Intaglio Printing

We use this centuries-old technique in the most high-tech way to imprint highly detailed designs onto substrates that are near-impossible to replicate.


Forensic Security Features

We can create the highest level of security features in identification credentials that can only be viewed in laboratory settings, including nanotext, nanoimages, and document DNA.