Secure Documents

Individual documents for governmental and institutional identification.

Border Protection Identification-new

Protecting Printed Information

When documents contain information that should only be accessed by certain individuals and organizations, they must be designed and printed to work within established systems.

We work closely with our clients to determine specific requirements so the finished product delivers the right amount of security to protect information.

Polymer Vital Record

We are taking vital records to the next level with our exclusive techniques. Our in-house team of experts has developed a higher level of security that is seamlessly integrated into any vital record.

Revolutionizing Materials

Our knowledge of polymer is based on our years of experience in the banknote industry. Guardian™ technologies laid the groundwork for exploring new ways to use polymer in all types of secure printing—including vital records made with sub-optic lens printing.

Our facilities feature top-of-the-line machinery, maintained by our highly-trained technicians. At the heart of BCA is an endless dedication to push the boundaries of materials and techniques.

Innovative Craftsmanship in Secure Documents

After decades of security printing, we have mastered the craft of creating the highest quality products for our global clients. With techniques like Intaglio printing and forensic security features, we craft the finest features that protect information embedded in documents.

All Secure Documents


Secure Paper

Government-issued documents, such as birth certificates and marriage licenses, are designed and printed to standard or bespoke security specifications.


Visa Labels

Visa information is handled with care and printed with techniques that make citizen data accessible across borders while maintaining protection.


Passports & Travel Documents

Citizen documents that hold personal information are designed to be accessed by governments worldwide and printed to meet international standards.



Recognition of education documents are printed with institutional standards and crafted with fraud protection and detection.


Motor Vehicle Titles

As documents that are recognized on regional and national levels, titles are printed to exceed official requirements that protect individuals and institutions.


Identification Cards

Personal data security is delicately handled and cards are designed to protect individuals and exceed constantly changing industry standards.

BCA Printing Techniques for Secure Documents

Our printing techniques have been developed over decades and meet the highest standards.


Intaglio Printing

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Secure Inks and Taggants

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Optically Variable Inks

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Secure Personalization

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