Our Story

We started out with an innovative spirit that has only grown over time.

Our Story Begins with Competitive Innovation

Whether it’s being the first to produce a hologram image on a stamp or drastically reducing currency counterfeiting, the BCA track record points to a long line of ambitious goals.

The story of BCA is punctuated by industry innovations and our internal culture supports and encourages individual integrity and growth.

Authority in Stamp Printing

Since the 1800s, when stamps were created by private printers, very little had changed in how it was done. In 1979, when Richard Sennett left his post as Assistant Director of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, he ambitiously set out to advance the stamp-printing industry. His technical expertise led him to produce the first stamp in private industry in over 100 years.

Since BCA was founded, we have consistently been bringing new techniques to the stamp industry. It’s this relentless dedication to improve and innovate that has only grown within our company as we’ve expanded into other industries. It’s ingrained in our culture and in the long-term relationships we’ve developed with our clients.

Our origins in stamp printing set the tone for an ambitiously innovative company

First to Produce Private US Stamp

BCA, formerly Sennett, produced the first US stamp in private industry (since the 1800s, it was custom for private printers to produce stamps).

Electronic Engraving

In the mid-1980s, Sennett laid the foundation for modern printing techniques when he oversaw the production of the first electronically engraved stamp.

Pure Digital Printing

Where film was typically used in stamp production, Sennett developed the first digital techniques to print—launching the industry into a new era.

Always thinking creatively, bespoke designs innovate our production capabilities

Perforation Design

Inspired by the iconic shape of the star in Hollywood, Sennett developed new perforation techniques to create a star-shaped stamp for the Legends of Hollywood series.

Detailed Die-Cutting

To commemorate Alfred Hitchcock in a stamp, Sennett created the most intricate die-cut design of the time that highlighted the legendary director’s recognizable facial profile.

Holographic Features

When designing the Space 2000 stamp series, Sennett also designed and engineered the machinery used to produce the holographic image—the first of its kind.

From our headquarters in North Carolina, we serve the world with secure printing

We have a history of consistent innovation and creative problem solving that has led us to work with governments and brands around the world. It’s allowed us to become well-versed in the cultures and requirements specific to nations and their citizens.

Our global clients recognize our relentless dedication to their needs and the regulations they abide by. In working internationally, we have accumulated the knowledge and expertise that equips us to constantly find new and innovative ways to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Company Culture and Values

BCA is defined by the people who make up our teams. We value our employees and their personal growth within the company—supporting them in their advancements. We’ve found that this mindset creates a culture that encourages innovation and self-initiation, which is reflected in our highly-acclaimed service to our clients.

Our Guiding Philosophy

BCA - highest standards

Set the highest standards

Mediocrity is never acceptable at BCA—it’s evident in the details and functionality of our premium products, and in our long list of satisfied clients.

BCA better outcomes

Achieve better outcomes together

We value the opinions and knowledge of everyone in the room and believe that a solution can only get better when people can contribute.

BCA right thing

Above all else, do the right thing

We’ve found that by putting honor at the forefront, our internal culture is stronger and our relationships with clients are richer.

Corporate Dedication to Self-Regulation

We understand the strict regulations our clients work within and the importance of compliance in the secure printing industry. However, we never stop at what is simply required—we go beyond and instill greater policies and frameworks internally.

Effective Corporate Compliance
We have a long list of regulatory frameworks we follow, including an expertly crafted ethics and integrity program that exceeds even the standard requirements.

Our practices incorporate cultural, risk, and compliance initiatives. They begin at the top with the board and senior-level management and reach every single employee.