BCA Printing Techniques & Security Features

Secure printing methods crafted with industry-leading technology.

Craftsmen at Heart

We are a community of people who will work relentlessly on a project until it’s right. That means color will shift perfectly in the light on an OVI™ printed identification card and a security thread will rhythmically weave through a banknote to secure anti-counterfeiting data.

We pride ourselves in using advanced technology to create highly-secure documents for all our clients.

Intaglio Printing

This centuries-old printing process is highly regarded in the security industry because of the level of detail that can be achieved. We have advanced machinery that uses traditional techniques in ultramodern ways.

High Security Features

We have specialist designers on our team who create the most intricate pieces of work. The miniscule details we are able to produce are highly resistant to counterfeiting and fraud, resulting in remarkably secure products.

Optical Security

Optical security features have been used to protect authenticity, data, and sensitive information. By tricking the eye, these security techniques combat counterfeiting and fraudulent activity.

Extensive Selection of Techniques

Through research and development, we have perfected our optical security techniques. Our close partners create holograms, sub-optic lens, OVD (optical variable device), and Kinogram™ for our clients. We work closely with them to design the most appropriate solution for their needs and requirements.

Designs Generated by Proprietary Software

Our Printing Techniques


Intaglio Printing

We use this centuries-old technique in the most high-tech way to imprint highly-detailed designs onto substrates that are near-impossible to replicate.


Optically Variable Devices

Through various combinations of printing and embossing, we create iridescent features on documents that are secure and anti-counterfeiting.


Semi-Covert Security Features

With a range of techniques available that delicately integrate hidden features, we can customize elements like UV dull paper, thermochromatic and reactive inks, hidden indicia and others.


Forensic Security Features

We create the high-level security features in identification credentials that can only be viewed in laboratory settings—including nanotext, covert security fibres, and DNA taggants.


Secure Personalization

Customized production methods maintain security through processes that integrate detailed features into individual products.


Secure Inks and Taggants

We use innovative methods to create micro-elements that are added to other security features and can only be detected with a laser.


Complex Lens Arrays

Through the use of proprietary methods using glass and plastic, we create highly-advanced components in secure documents and identification protection.


Track & Trace Technology

Our industry-leading methods of crafting micro-devices that hold large amounts of code are designed to meet international standards for global activity.


Optically Variable Inks

Our OVI™ technology is a unique security ink used in our Intaglio printing processes that creates a print that shifts color when tilted toward a light source.

Products Made with Timeless Craftsmanship

Secure Paper

Secure Paper

We are taking vital records to the next level with our exclusive techniques used to produce government-issued documents, such as birth certificates and marriage licenses.

Passports & Travel Documents

Passports & Travel Documents

Information is handled with care and printed with techniques that make citizen data accessible across borders while consistently maintaining protection.

Federal Stamps

Federal Stamps

Since the time our team first formed in 1979, we have been printing tax and postage stamps using highly-advanced technologies and techniques.